Name for the magazine and Articles

Dear Friends,

Jeeva invites sexual minorities to come forward and submit articles to its new magazine to be launched soon. You can also participate in choosing a name for the new magazine and get rewarded.

Jeeva, a non-governmental organization, is registered on 05 November 2012 as a public charitable Trust in Bangalore. It strives to build a society where all people can live in peace and expressthemselves freely, irrespective of their gender identity or sexual orientation. For the next three years, Jeeva will focus on addressing issues around community media, mental health and livelihoods for sexual minorities in Karnataka.

Jeeva will focus on three specific objectives:

  • Improve the mental health of sexuality minorities
  • Expand livelihood options for sexuality minorities
  • Amplify the voice of sexual minorities in all forms of media

In this regard, Jeeva wishes to invite articles of 400 words each, cartoons, modern poems and success stories of individual sexual minorities to be printed in the magazine which will be initiated in a couple of months. The articles should be personal testimonies or stories with a personal touch.

Non-sexual minorities can also write their impressions, feelings about the plight of sexual minorities to show their concern and solidarity.

Also, Jeeva announces to the wider society and community members to suggest for a better name to the magazine which will be initiated in October, 2013.

We invite the write-ups in Kannada or English.

Your Choice – Our Name

Jeeva is looking for an appropriate name for the magazine and thought it best to take suggestions from all of you. Jeeva invites suggestions and the selected name for the magazine will be suitably rewarded at the launch of the first issue of the magazine.

The entries with a suitable name should reach us before 15th October 2013 at the earliest to our email address given below:

For more information visit our blog:

In Solidarity

Umesh P.

Executive Director – Jeeva



About Jeeva

Jeeva was registered on 5th November 2012 as a Trust its purpose and focus was on addressing issues around mental health, livelihood and community media for sexual minorities in Karnataka.
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