Invitation to the screening of Video Magazine

Jeeva, video magazine I


Jeeva, a NGO, strives to build a society where all people can live in peace and express themselves freely irrespective of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Our objectives have varied from, improving the mental health status of sexual minorities, to expansion of livelihood options for sexual minorities, to the amplification of the voice of sexual minorities through community media. As part of our work in sensitizing the mainstream media on issues of sexual minorities, we produced a video magazine in Kannada, regarding the various issues that concern the gender and sexual minorities community, to create greater public awareness around these.

The film, “Sruthi-Saranya Love Story”, directed by Umesh P., is a true story about two young women from Kerala falling in love and fighting for their love against all odds. The film explores how these women met, the reaction of their families when they found out and the support sought by them to live their lives as they wished. The film particularly focuses on the legal impediments faced by lesbian couples, the denial of right of a woman to choose her partner, lack of availability of space to express one’s gender and sexual identity and the patriarchal control over women’s sexuality.

We cordially invite you to the screening of

“Sruthi-Saranya Love Story”

Duration: 20 minutes

Chief Guest: Banjgere Prakash, Writer

In the presence of

Guests: CK Meena and Manohar Elavarthi

Venue: Nayana Kannada Bhavan, next to Ravindra Kalakshetra

JC Road, Bangalore – 560 002

                                                On 16th November 2013

At 10.30 a.m.

*Entry is open and free; seating is on first come first serve basis

Thanking You

With Regards

Executive Director – Jeeva


About Jeeva

Jeeva was registered on 5th November 2012 as a Trust its purpose and focus was on addressing issues around mental health, livelihood and community media for sexual minorities in Karnataka.
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