Press release : Releasing our first magazine, on eve of PRIDE EVENT “ANANYA”

As part of magazine launching today, the 6th November 2014 we have released the magazine through a simple Ceremony at IAT (Institute of Agricultural Technologists, Queens Road, Bangalore). We had a good gathering of all the supporters of the sexual minority communities and supporters and well wishers. Smt. Tara, Famous Kannada Cine Artist and Member of Karnataka Legislative Council and Dr. Vasundhara Bhupathi, President of Lekhakhiyara sangha, & a well known writer; Mr. Elavarthi Manohar human rights activist and C.K. Meena well known writer and Mr. Syam Prasad, ANEKA were the chief guests and released the JEEVA magazine called ‘ANANYA’. In her chief guest speech Smt. Tara appreciated the effort of Umesh.P who is the sole editor of the magazine and offered to help financially for the same to support its sustainability. She also mentioned that this particular community should not feel that they are different and left out; rather she said you all are one among us and should feel the same. Dr. Vasundhara Bhupathi said the magazine should reach not only to the community but also to mainstream society. She also offered the support from the Lekhakhiyara sangha in improving the magazine in all respect. Manohar Elavarthi spoke about training the community members as journalist and inviting the writers within and outside the community to keep the healthy contribution and feedback for the magazine. C.K. Meena suggested all to buy the magazine and support for its growth. And she gave some valuable suggestions to the editor Umesh.P about bringing out a magazine and to sustain it for long. Mr. Sham Prasad from Aneka, who helped Umesh.P for his effort and appreciated the working class with limited so called academic knowledge have brought out this magazine. Finally Umesh.P the Editor in chief of the magazine and the founder member of JEEVA, thanked one and all for their kinds support and solidarity extended for this journey. He calls upon the gathering to buy and read and promote this magazine to get the knowledge about the sexual minorities’ community and also in helping them to get into the main stream society.

For More Information Please Contact: Umesh.P , Phone: 9591775020

Thanking you



Ananya -press 001 Ananya -press 002 Ananya -press 003 Ananya -press 004


About Jeeva

Jeeva was registered on 5th November 2012 as a Trust its purpose and focus was on addressing issues around mental health, livelihood and community media for sexual minorities in Karnataka.
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