Protest against police brutality arrest Transgenders in front of town hall for 167

On the 24th Nov 2014, night around 7.00 pm transgender community people were arrested. On the 25th morning the Forum and other community organization were getting calls about the arrest from various places in Bangalore.

The “ Crisis Team’ immediately went  into action and came to know that, around 167 community members were arrested and put into ‘Beggar’s Colony ‘. When families were informed, the police asked them to come to the Beggar’s colony and arrested them too.

All sexual minorities groups organizing a protest against

At TOWN HALL , 26th November 2014

4.00 To 7.00 pm

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About Jeeva

Jeeva was registered on 5th November 2012 as a Trust its purpose and focus was on addressing issues around mental health, livelihood and community media for sexual minorities in Karnataka.
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