Our Activities


  1. Regular conversations with the community and documentation of community experiences and its strategic dissemination through magazine, community meeting, radio programs, stake holders and public meeting.

  2. Addressing the issues related to mental health through weekly counseling services and setting up a system to create awareness among the community and providing referral support for follow up treatment through specialized institutions and friendly counselors.

  3. Documenting and disseminating quality public documents on community experiences, creating awareness among the youth and decision makers, facilitate to get government programmes and resources available for community, making the sexual minorities members more articulate, self-sufficient in terms of being to access resources and support in the personal and public space, creating more sustainable linkages in the form of care and support and bring policy to support community members, difficulty faced to institutionalize organization.

  4. Intervening with the judiciary on sexual minority rights:

    •  On the 36A Karnataka Police Act which gives the police an upper-hand in creating fear among transgender community, Jeeva was a co petitioner and the high court has ruled in favour.
    • For the withdrawal of 377 Uma (Umesh.P), founder director of Jeeva is a co-petitioner in the Supreme Court.
    • Filed a PIL in the High Court of Karnataka in collaboration with other organizations, the case still continues simultaneously.

  5. Working with the government to maximize our impact, to scale up support for the community and have been successful in building a working relationship with concerned government departments.

    Strategy and guiding principle:

    Jeeva is a community led organization, it works and derives its strength from community support, and the collective wisdom of its coalitions and network partners.  We are now four years old and is ready to step forward more firmly. For the first time in 4 years we have a small assured support for some of our core activities and a space of our own.


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