(News & Views on Sexual Minorities)

In our community members, we can exhibit our frustration, pain, anger, experiences, skills, abilities and identities. But we are in a confusion state…. to whom, what and how to exhibit these feelings.

We wish to disseminate to the main stream societal members the information on Sexual minorities through a print media. Our dreams come true as we are keeping our efforts since a long time to establish a better understanding between the sexual minorities’ communities and main stream through a print media.

The sexual minorities are victimised communities.  All these communities are far from their families, mainstream society, equality and opportunities. They are continuing their struggles since 15 years to access and avail their rights and entitlements.  In our country, different types of struggles are being organised in many states in this regard.   This information has been access to some community members only. But we wish to expand the spaces to disseminate these information to be reached to all the community members and the discrimination and stigma that these communities face to be known to the wider society.