Vision and Mission

Our Vision: 

” Jeeva” strives to build a society where all people can live in peace and express themselves freely irrespective of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

Our Mission:

Create a platform for sexual minorities to participate equally in society, build a sustainable livelihood, and attain quality of life, self-esteem, and dignity.  Ensure that the voices and concerns of sexual minorities become part of public discourse. As a community led organizations, Jeeva brings together working class sexual minorities of different orientations in its intervention and reflects their aspirations.


  • To improve mental health status of sexual minorities by providing counselling, using ART therapy, improving the knowledge and skills of social workers, developing links and referrals to various governments, advocating and expanding mental health services to sexual minorities, facilitate conversations between sexual minorities and others in society.
  • To work on incremental and fundamental measures for inclusion of sexual minorities in all aspects of life and livelihood- through policy changes, expanding livelihood options, promoting financial planning and savings, training’s and mentoring to start their own enterprise, advocating with the government and private sector for employment opportunities and social welfare measures for sexual minorities.
  • To amplify the voice of sexual minorities through community media by facilitating the production of print and audio – visual materials (training and other support), encouraging the creation of personal blogs and websites and providing training in social media. Further, sensitizing mainstream media on issues of sexual minorities, setting up and running community radio stations, and facilitating sexual minorities in getting employed in the mainstream media.
  • Carry out research and organizational development to achieve the above mentioned objectives.

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